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Oct 20, 2012 11:35pm PDT
in the u.s. dies from oral cancer, and the number of cases is on the rise. the culprit, a strain of hpv. >> reporter: three women met today. >> but look at that. that's such a smile. >> reporter: to remember a friend they loved and loss. >> she was the healthiest person i knew. >> she chose to live well. she just had that love inside her and that inner strength. >> reporter: her name? andrea fisher. at page 25, a few months before she got married, andrea noticed a sore in her mouth that wouldn't go away. the diagnosis? oral cancer. >> she just was always there to give you a smile, a support and a hug. >> reporter: andrea underwent treatment, had three children, but the cancer kept coming back. >> a lot of surgeries. and i think that part is just so tough, for a mom who is just so strong and athletic. >> reporter: at 42, andrea died. heavy drinkers and smokers are at high risk for oral cancer, but she did neither. doctors believe her cancer was linked to hpv. >> these are starting to show up in patients in their 30's and 40's and they've lived healthy life styles. they exercise. they don
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1